TSNET Services - Support & Maintenance

"Let us maintain and we'll let you control!"

It is true that not every company has its own IT department or technical resources to maintain the IT infrastructure. Beside the recruitment cost, the ongoing administration and operation cost is significantly high. Business analysts said that outsourcing a portion of IT infrastructure based on geographic location or types of software & hardware could save companies up to 40% in IT annual budget. Due to this general demand, TSNET would like to source and provide highly trained and skilful engineers from different technical backgrounds to support SMB and particular IT function (such as network switches and wireless access points) for corporation and public sector.

TSNET would like to understand customer businesses and assess the technical resources and cost requirement, before offering a tailor-made package that fits customer's business needs. Beside the standard terms and conditions, TSNET engineers would pre-requisitely carry the system audit on every item (hardware & software) included in the contract before preparing a comprehensive support & maintenance document. Service Level Agreement (SLA) is indispensable that list out the key metrics to determine the performance and quality from TSNET services. However, TSNET realise that a successful support and maintenance always requires strong commitment and communication from both parties.

In term of technical support, TSNET would estimate the scope and complexity of the support & maintenance before provisioning support resource. However, TSNET would never blindly say "YES" for every potential client until we understand clearly what we are going to support. Also, TSNET never want to upset customers if the support requirement is beyond our capacity.

Partnering with TSNET can deliver you the most efficient support and direct-fix by a wide range of tools and troubleshooting techniques. We have a range of flexible options or modules available to you, we appreciate that customers normally have in house resources and our support services are designed to compliment your IT department in areas where you feel it's crucial to be covered.

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