Public Sector


TSNET have years of experience servicing Government organisations, and we have gained a reputation for successfully delivering a wide variety of high profile mission critical systems to key government departments whilst improving operational efficiency and IT services.

Based on our experience, the common products and solutions for Government customers are LAN Switching, advance routing, wireless and identity security management. While the workload of IT administration is relatively high, the training and skill acquisition is possibly not enough. Therefore, it creates lot of opportunities for TSNET to implement new solutions, improve the network infrastructures, training customers and IT staff.

In this sector, customers require the highly reliable and advance functionalities equipment that could prove to scale to wider scope efficiently Failover and clustering network features are indispensable, thus, TSNET emphasise on the market research of mature products, reliable logistic supply, accuracy of quotation and proof of concept demonstration, in order to accomplish the project seamlessly in return the satisfaction and long term relationship from customers.

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