TSNET Services - Demonstration

"With a fully functioning prototype, it boosts up your confidence on every coin invested."

TSNET is building the foundation of an IT virtual lab that could simulate the customer environment and prove the concept and technology work and meet the requirement. TSNET "Demo" not only attracts the new/potential customers but also makes all clients feel comfortable on the recommended solution before making any investment. Moreover, the virtual lab could be used to simulate the customer network, in order to identify and solve the problem efficiently. As a result, it could minimise the downtime and productivity loss.

In addition, TSNET has strong relationship from a list of vendors and suppliers, which provide us with training rooms and equipment to prepare "the proof of concept", in order to convince our customers and secure the co-operation in latter stage.

In fact, although there are limited new products and equipment in the lab initially, TSNET understands that the indirect benefit is huge, and we are very keen to accomplish this gradually.

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